Transformative Learning for Sustainable Living

Are you interested in personal, organisational and social change for sustainability?

At OASES we offer the opportunity to start with the personal and make it political.

We offer a unique range of courses based on transformative learning, exploring new ways of improving life for humans and all other living beings that share our planet. Our courses are unique because they focus on integrating the spiritual and personal with the social and ecological.Our courses are for people interested in ecological sustainability, social and gender equity, sacred ecology, emergent self-consciousness, aesthetic perception, peer to peer technology and new economics?

Our Vision

A world where people recognise they are part of a natural global ecosystem and live sustainably in community with all human and non-human beings.

Our Purpose
To provide a mindful learning environment where individuals can gain a better understanding of their relationship with the world while developing the ability to live sustainably and engage in seeking solutions to the pressing ecological and social challenges of our time.

Our Multi-Campus Experience

Augustine Centre
This is the heart of the OASES course program and our administration centre.
Moora Moora
Set in the Victorian countryside outside Healesville this campus is the location for “Entering the Ecological Domain” and exploring the interconnections between spirit, nature and humanity. Learning here is experienced through spending time in nature as we seek to reclaim the notion of re-enchantment.
Located in the breath taking Grampians of Western Victoria, we retreat to this campus for “Entering the Spiritual Domain”. Considering spiritual life as conscious presence in the world participants are invited to critically reflect on the personal and social characteristics of emergent self-consciousness.
Our campus here is located in the unique surroundings of the Uluru National Park in the Northern Territory and is facilitated by the Randall family. Acknowledging 70,000 years of Aboriginal knowledge and traditions, the Randall family shares with participants their wisdom and belief that spirituality is the ultimate answer to reconciliation in Australia.

People of OASES

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Our Learning Resources

Gandhi Library
We are proud to have been bequeathed one of the finest collections of Gandhi’s works which are housed in the Norquay Room.
We have assembled extensive book lists, reports, research and other resources to support the OASES learning community, all of which are made available to participants.
Main Library
Covering subjects ranging across our four key disciplines of Ecology, Spirituality, Aesthetics and Social Justice, the main library is a wonderful resource open to the entire OASES community. It provides a comfortable space to sit back browse and reflect on some of the wisdom of the ages.

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