Autumn Gratitude


I’m grateful for the autumn kettle and

Its promising hum of warmth and cosiness

I stand – cup in hand – looking,

Grateful for the view through my kitchen window

Greeted by the day, its sounds and colours, its hue and mood

We are together again in the web of life

Like an old couple

Tenderly light with each other

My gaze touches the familiar shapes outside

My ‘Green children’, I have nursed them all

In my garden lives my past and reflects back to me

How much I have to learn.

I have gratitude for the cockies

Screeching energy into the air for the tasks of the day ahead

I have gratitude for the currawongs

That have come from the highlands

To call autumn.

I’m grateful for the little earthen path

That my feet have worn

In my frequent visits,

A visible umbilical cord that connects me

So most intimately

Mary Zettl, 2016

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