In Conversation with OASES Master’s Participants

Saturday 3rd September 2016

Hawthorn, Victoria

The OASES Breakfast Series is a bi-monthly event featuring local and international guests discussing topics across a variety of subjects such as recent events on food, spirituality, democracy, and education for sustainability and social change. Tickets include a vegetarian breakfast, with vegan and gluten free options also available.

Join us for a coming together of thoughts and experiences as we share in the learnings of OASES Graduate School Master’s participants, who are due to complete their studies at the end of 2016. This morning we will be joined by participants Mahesh Kandesamy, Julia Frecheville, Joanne Richie and Bob Digance where they will share their personal journeys through integrative and transformative studies and reflect on their individual Master’s projects.


RIMG0747Julila Frecehville  
A project on claiming space, on the emplacement and displacement of being in many of its aspects. Julia will focus on being on the land and how, after living away from Australia for 37 years, it has been essential to being back and coming back. Very much in the words of TS Eliot – “to arrive where we started, And know the place for the first time.”



my profile photoMahesh Kandesamy
The role and impact of money at a personal, community and societal level in the past, present and future. Mahesh is looking to reflect, analyse, understand and if possible find answers to questions such as:  “What does living well actually mean?”
“What role does Money play in leading a well-integrated and meaningful life”?
“What impact does Money have on the human psyche?
” What is the place of money in my future life and why?


Jo Richie (April 2016) (2)Joanne Richie – A Bricoleur’s Bricolage:
Jo often has trouble explaining what She does for a job – it tends to reflect what She is doing at the time. She has been known to describe myself as a rogue OT, a project worker or an evaluator with a preference for qualitative processes; all of which are vague enough to keep most conversations going.  For Jo, the OASES master’s journey has allowed her to explore what She doed, how She does it and the opportunity to find the words She can use to tell others about what She does.



Jacques Boulet – Research Coordinator, OASES Graduate School
Jacques is interested in community development, globalisation, the social economy and localism, international solidarity, cross cultural studies and social research. Jacques also serves as Research Coordinator for the Academic Council. He is editor of the quarterly journal New Community.


OASES Graduate School 2 Minona St, Hawthorn VIC 3122

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