The following are works produced by OASES Graduates as part of their Master’s Research Projects:

Growing Awareness: The Nurture of Nature & Self

Marli Draper, (2013). In Growing Awareness: The Nurture of Nature & Self, Marli reflects on influential moments in her life and the wisdom she gained as a result. Using examples of both the challenges and the love present in many moments throughout her life, Marli expands on the personal growth she has attained during her time studying at Oases. Heuristic research is used to depict her progression towards acceptance and personal and ecological understanding.

Key Words: Holistic science, Heuristic research and learning, ontology, family, grief, fulfilment, ecology.

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My Bark Canoe

Dimity Fifer, (2012). My Bark Canoe is a reflective documentation of the personal journey taken by Dimity throughout her time studying at OASES Graduate School.  Dimity explores her own personal growth, driven by both situational and spiritual learning. Exploring the nature of being Dimity integrates learning from her global travels, her responsibilities as a leader in major organisations and from her OASES journey.

Key Words: Ontology, reflection, transformational learning, dualism, self-knowledge, nature, journey, growth, travel.

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Creatively Contesting the “C” Word by Transitioning Toward a Re-localised Food System

Ellen Madigan, (2014). Creatively Contesting the “C” Word by Transitioning Toward a Re-localised Food System describes and discusses Ellen’s journey towards spiritual awakening, ethical development and a sense of connectedness to nature. She exemplifies her changing perception of the physical and spiritual world using life experiences, discussing the significance of this understanding in the global and local context. She questions how the creation of cultural identity within society impacts on the natural world, focussing on the conflict between social justice and economics. To creatively contest issues of capitalism, consumerism, corporatism, choice and convenience Ellen established a ‘100-foodmiles’ sustainability project in Mount Alexander Shire which has been very successful and continues to reverberate into the present.

Key Words: Spirituality, ethics, aesthetics, wellbeing, nature, human impact, consumerism, localisation, globalisation, food and sustainable agriculture.

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Sitting by my Mother’s Bedside: A story about living and dying

Jo Walters, (2013). Sitting by my Mother’s Bedside: A story about living and dying describes Jo’s journey through an exploration of ‘self’ and belonging, engaging in a heuristic process. She examines the diversity of relationships experienced within society, from the very personal to the broadly structural, especially focussing on the former occasioned by the death of her mother. This guides her consideration of the connections between learning and living, using the personal struggles that she has encountered during her time at OASES and throughout her life.

Key Words: Reflection, learning, Heuristic Research, transformational learning, ecology, belonging and community, identity.

Under the Soles of My Feet

Lesley Shuttleworth, (2014). Under the Soles of My Feet traces Lesley’s journey as a migrant experiencing loss and dislocation trying to find her way in culture that while it seemed to be familiar to the “white English speaking” one she left in South Africa was also ‘slippery strange’. Lesley explores internal and external journeys between the two places on the planet to which she in differing and changing ways belongs while trying to work out what to do with the rest of her life. Apartheid had a significant impact on Lesley and has fueled a commitment to social justice. She investigates why we treat each other so badly and poses questions about how well we are served by hope.